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Look Book 2022

Welcome to our look book giving you a glimpse of the fab offerings we have selected for our wholesale range in 2022. All our clothing and accessories are inspired by English coastal heritage from times gone by. Taking on board the original materials used and working with historians we have recreated classic workwear pieces which are designed to last a lifetime and perfect for both lads and lasses.


Gansey Fisherman Jumpers


Knitted from 100% British Wool in England our ganseys are a traditional working jumper with gussets under the armpits to provide additional movement. They are knitted in one piece which years ago was known as on the round. The natural oil known as lanolin has been left in the wool to keep the wool nourished, repel water and keep in body heat when worn. This feature means they never need washing and only spot cleaning when accidents happen.


Bay Gansey

Following classic lines this fab pattern has a traditional appearance with the following motifs:-

Cable Stitch = Ship Rope

Moss Stitch = Sea Spray


Whitby Gansey

A striking pattern made of intricate detailing with the following motifs:-

Cable Stitch = Ship Rope

Moss Stitch = Sea Spray

Ladders = 199 Steps upto Whitby Abbey

Flags = Scottish Flags commemorating settlers who relocated to Whitby to fish for herring


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