A maritime classic, Breton Striped Jumper knitted in 100% British oiled wool.


This nautical styled Breton Striped Jumper is a true British staple and embraces the heritage of our wonderful coastlines. With detailing on both the hem and around the shoulder areas, this stunning jumper looks just as good paired with your wellies for the weekend, or at the office with chinos.


• British made using 100% British oiled wool

• Machine-knitted in traditional maritime design

• Hard wearing - bloody warm

• Unisex fit - perfect for lads and lasses


Please note:- this jumper is knitted in an overall plain stitch, using two different colours of wool to create the wonderful stripes. This means the jumper is incredibly warm, but doesn’t provide much stretch. The sleeves are knitted slightly shorter than a regular jumper as fishermen didn’t want hooks getting snagged in the cuffs, hauling them overboard. Underneath the armpits are gussets, which allow free movement when working. This jumper provides a slim / regular fit, so if you are between sizes we would recommend you go up a size rather than down.


Size Guide:-


XS = UK 32-34” | UK 6-8

S  = UK 34-36” | UK 8-10

M = UK 38-40” | UK 10-12

L = UK 42-44” | UK 12-14

XL = UK 46-48” | UK 14-16

XXL = UK 48-50” | UK 16-18


This garment is designed not to be washed due to the oiled content in the wool, which helps repel rainwater in light showers. If an emergency occurs, spot clean the affected area by hand, then lay on a flat surface to dry.


Breton Striped Jumper