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Having lived in and around Robin Hood's Bay, Matthew had a real passion for the local heritage and dreamed of opening a lifestyle store, selling lovely products with associations to days of old and educating visitors on our much loved Yorkshire coastline history.

In 2016, a small lock up shop half way down the steep bank in Robin Hood's Bay became vacant for the first time in twenty two years and with £500 cash in his back pocket, Matthew decided to take a giant leap from the corporate world and start what became a wonderful journey.

Naming the business after his cat, 'Berties Of Bay' was born, offering a whole host of fab items full of uniqueness.

With Matthew's background in garment design and manufacture, behind the scenes he worked hard to create his own range of heritage clothing, based on garments worn many years ago along our British coastlines. Meeting with historians and local people of whom families date back centuries this has enabled Matthew to revive key pieces such as the Fishermen's Gansey, bringing local patterns back to life and most importantly making them affordable. You can learn more about this by reading our blogs. 

Berties Of Bay has quickly evolved since then into a much-loved Heritage Clothing Brand, with garments travelling as far as the Artic circle to be used on on movie sets and to the likes of China with the growing amount of people visiting the website and following social media. 

Four years on, Berties Of Bay has re-located into a much larger store in the heart of the village, where Matthew has the space to work on reviving more fab products with the space for the brand to grow.

Matthew says, "We want you all to come and visit us as customers and then return year after year as friends".

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