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Traditional Robin Hood’s Bay Fisherman’s Beanie hat, designed so it can be double rolled and also worn as a Sailor Watch Cap.


Derived from the traditional Robin Hood’s Bay knitting pattern, sailors and fishermen wore Beanies to keep them warm. The pattern was unique to the village that they came from, so when lost at sea or after drinking too many shandies, they could be identified and returned home to their loved ones.


• British made using 100% British oiled wool

• Machine-knitted using traditional seamless construction

• Hard wearing - bloody warm

• Unisex one size fits all - perfect for both lads and lasses


This beanie is designed not to be washed due to the oiled content in the wool, which helps repel rainwater in light showers. If an emergency occurs spot clean the affected area by hand, then lay on flat surface to dry.

Bay Beanie

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