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Reviving an iconic Naval staple worn by Submariners during harsh winters at sea.

Whilst hard at work deep below the ocean, submarine crews worked in challenging conditions for months at a time. Mainly working alternate shifts they shared bunks and operated in claustrophobic conditions. By wearing their wool hats snug to their heads the bobbles helped them to navigate the low ceilings of the submarine, whilst keeping warm.

We have knitted this fab new style using British Oiled Wool in Moss Stitch; featured on our Staithes Gansey and Rollneck Explorer Jumper. Without a fold line they can be worn as a regular bobble hat or double rolled if you want to carry on this fab Naval Heritage.

• British made using 100% British oiled wool

• Machine-knitted using traditional seamless construction

• Hard wearing - bloody warm

• Unisex one size fits all - perfect for both lads and lasses


This beanie is designed not to be washed due to the oiled content in the wool, which helps repel rainwater in light showers. If an emergency occurs spot clean the affected area by hand, then lay on a flat surface to dry.

Submariner Beanie

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