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All about Berties Of Bay's Home Fragrance Range

‘Perfume is a way of stopping time. You smell a beautiful scent and you remember something.’ Isabel Toledo.

Fragrances have the power to transport us to another place at a different time. They have the ability to bring back a memory that we’d once forgotten. The inspiration for our range of home fragrances here at Berties Of Bay comes from our love and passion of this truly beautiful part of our country that we are fortunate enough to call home. It has certainly been a journey in perfecting a range of home fragrances to enhance our brand of heritage clothing and accessories. As fashion and fragrance are so heavily interwoven, we wanted our brand ethos to be reflected in the fragrances we offer to you to fill your homes. Now, with our four wonderful fragrances each carrying their own individual place name, our revival of coastal heritage and celebration of quality is shared through our home fragrance range.


For those of you who are avid candle lovers, our one-wick candles are poured in Yorkshire using a blend of pure essential oils with up to 40 hours burn time. The essence of our candles is of such quality that the scent carries without the need to light the wick. We do advise all of our customers to exercise common sense when it comes to candle safety, as well as following the safety guidelines on the sticker at the bottom of each candle vessel. Each of the glass vessels have been powder coated in Berties Of Bay grey, so that you have a wonderful decorative pot to enjoy in your home long after the candle has reached its maximum burn time.


Our popular diffusers have recently had a nautical revamp. The new ‘message in a bottle’ design has been a labour of love in creating and we are thrilled with the result. Each diffuser contains 175ml of fragrance, made from a blend of pure essential oils, which have been poured in Yorkshire. The glass bottle and cork top appear to have been washed ashore on Robin Hood’s Bay beach. Inside the diffuser, within the cork lid is a rolled up message especially for you, with a beautiful, nautical-inspired sentiment. Simply opening the cork lid allows the incredible fragrance to fill your room, or you can use the four exquisite black velvet reeds to place inside the vessel. Each diffuser comes with a safety sticker to ensure proper use and we advise all of our customers to follow the guidelines on these, alongside exercising common sense. After 9 months when the essence has dispersed, the glass bottle and cork are a wonderful lasting addition to your home.

When choosing aromas for our home fragrance range, we took inspiration from some of our favourite places in and around Robin Hood's Bay, which are detailed below.


From the beach at Robin Hood’s Bay, it is impossible to miss the iconic cliff face at Ravenscar. Upon visiting, you will experience lush golf fairways with breathtaking views out to sea. A wander down the steep paths towards the sea below will take you to the seal colony. Our Ravenscar fragrance contains the warm essential oils of Jasmine and Oud, which allow you to reminisce on your special time here. The warm and welcoming fragrance makes our Ravenscar candle or diffuser an ideal scent for use in a living room or hallway to welcome guests and bring the family together. It makes your house a home.

Stoupe Beck

If you are looking for a delicate and floral scent to fill your home, then our Stoupe Beck candles and diffusers are for you. At the bottom of a stepped pathway through woodland, this small stretch of sandy beach, known as Stoupe Beck, forms part of Robin Hood’s Bay and is a peaceful and tranquil haven. The combination of Rose and Pink Pepper essential oils make up this lovely delicate aroma, creating a calming ambience in any room of your home, while transporting you back to your magical time spent here.

Bay Ness

As you stand on the edge of the grassy headland looking out to sea, the panoramic views and the sea breeze are simply breathtaking. One of our most popular fragrances, our Bay Ness candles and diffusers contain the heady aromas of Patchouli and Ylang Ylang essential oils. This wonderful fragrance carries well in any room, with a great balance of woody warmth and freshness. Bay Ness is certainly a feel-good fragrance, which will allow you to blow away the cobwebs and help you to reminisce on your walks along the coastal path from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Boggle Hole

Another of our best-selling fragrances is Boggle Hole. Upon visiting this wonderful secluded place, with the contrasts of soft shale and hard limestone, this rugged cove is a firm favourite for cream teas and all avid fossil hunters to explore. The fresh aromas of Lime and Black Pepper essential oils within this scent make it ideal for use in a bathroom or kitchen.

At Berties Of Bay we are so passionate about everything we produce and we love to share this passion with you. Our home fragrances are a wonderful range to complement our heritage clothing and accessories. Our sense of smell is so strongly linked to memories and with our brand ethos focusing around reviving our coastal heritage, Berties Of Bay fragrances endeavour to evoke beautiful memories of yours from times gone by, in the hope that you and your families will return year after year.

‘Memories of the sea, for you and for me.’ Holly Barnett

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