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Whale of a time off Robin Hood's Bay

It was a gorgeous Summer's day and we headed out to sea in an old fishing coble to learn what life was like in times gone by, with plans to capture some fab photos wearing our clothing.

But what was about to unfold before our very eyes was shockingly different. Having fished out of Robin Hood’s Bay for many years, the skipper of our coble remarked how he’d seen distant sightings of dolphins and even heard a whale had been spotted far out some years ago.

With our smocks and beanies on, we had set up ready to start filming. The drone was airborne and camera was at the ready, when all of a sudden, “a whale, a whale” was sounded. Ten yards fore of the bow of the boat there he was, a twenty five foot Minke who had ventured in close to the shoreline to feast on the shawls of mackerel brought in by the warm weather.

We quickly pressed record on the drone and tried to capture shots of him breaching whilst circling the boat. We watched him for a little while in awe, before he became less interested in us and more focussed on the reason he was there, diving below on his mission for food.

We didn’t have a clue until we arrived back on dry land if or what footage we had captured as he was so quick, but we did manage to create a short video of our amazing encounter. We hope you enjoy it, as this experience was one we will never forget.

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