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Do You Have A Size Chart?

One of the most common questions we are asked at Berties Of Bay HQ is: -

“Do you have a size chart?”

There is a reason why we don’t provide garment measurements on our website and if you’re reading this blog, you’re about to find out why…

Here at Berties Of Bay, we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic, personalised service to our customers, whether you are visiting us in our store in Robin Hood’s Bay or via our website. There’s nothing we enjoy more than a good old chinwag and a brew, whilst getting to know our customers and making sure you find the best garment to suit your needs.

All our garments are constructed over 6 size options with unisex fit. They have been individually size-graded with all body shapes in mind. In terms of our knitted garments there are also differences between the gansey patterns, which affects the appearance when worn, as the avid Berties Of Bay customer will know all too well.

The Robin Hood’s Bay gansey consists of two vertical motifs, which follow the contours of the body and gives the wearer an appearance of a taller and slimmer physique, similar to the effect of wearing a pin-stripe suit.

The Whitby gansey is a lot more intricate in terms of design, consisting of four different motifs, running horizontally as well as vertically, giving a slightly more relaxed look and fit.

The final addition to our collection is the Staithes gansey. With two motifs running horizontally across the chest and a plain section beneath. This gansey has more of a box-fit with less movement on the lower half. The Staithes gansey is an iconic design seen in images produced by the famous Sutcliffe gallery.

In the photographs below, Matthew who is 5 ft 8inches in height, with a 38 inch chest and 34 inch waist and Barbara measuring 5 ft in height and generally a size 12, are both wearing a Bay gansey in size S.

As the photographs above demonstrate, everyone has a completely different body shape and so interacting with us is vital to ensure you are selecting and purchasing the best garment to fit you. Any of you reading this who have visited our store will know that we give an honest opinion (being Yorkshire, whether you like it or not) when trying on a gansey or any other garment for that matter. For our online customers who we can't have face-to-face conversations with, we kindly ask you to provide us with a few details:-

  • Male or female

  • Height

  • Chest

  • Waist

  • Prefer loose or fitted

This personal service means you won’t be disappointed when your fab garment arrives and we feel happy knowing we’ve brought a bit of Berties Of Bay to you, wherever you might be.

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